Card Deck

LTK card deck - The useful deck of cards for your child's reading improvement.

The card deck activity helps students in learning new letter sounds by displaying the picture, the keyword, the letter, and the graphic of the letter sound. For example, the word ‘wrench’ is displayed as the keyword for the letter sound ‘wr’ and a picture of a wrench is also displayed. In addition, the LTK explains the formation of the word ‘wrench’ with regard to its constituent syllables and also provides audio for its pronunciation. The students can thus learn the word’s pronunciation by comparing their own pronunciation with the LTK version of the word. Moreover, they also get to write on the paper version of the card deck.

Lesson 002 Card Deck


Language Tune-up Kit has activities with dyslexia tests to recognize the special ways each child with dyslexia learns.

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