Why Orton-Gillingham is a Superior Method for Learning Disabled Students

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Students with dyslexia and similar learning disabilities are often highly creative and good at problem solving -- because their processing disorders really represent a different way of thinking and learning. But when it comes to learning to read, that different way of thinking unfortunately means that these children will not be as successful with the [...]

Shortcomings in School Curriculums Which Impact Dyslexic Students

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The dyslexic student faces a lot of challenges in the traditional schoolroom: The high ratio of students to teachers means the teacher can’t spare a lot of time to devote to teaching a dyslexic child according to the child’s needs or learning style. Individualized learning is too time- and labor-intensive — so the students are [...]

The Value of Phonemic Awareness in the Development of Reading Skills

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Isn’t phonemic awareness the same thing as phonics? Not exactly: Phonics is the study of the relationship between written letters and the sounds they make, while phonemic awareness is the ability to pick out the individual sounds (called phonemes) in a spoken word. Phonemic awareness also helps students pick out similar sounds in different words. [...]