The Language Tune-Up Kit
(LTK®) interactive reading
software helps develop
reading skills using the
Orton-Gillingham phonics
All versions provide instruction
in both English and Spanish.
(applies only to LTK
Family versions)
Dyslexia Reading Programs
Dyslexia and Reading
"I am amazed at how quickly our child has responded to
the Language Tune-Up Kit. We have tried other
software and even expensive tutoring classes. None of
them have helped as much as this program. We saw
immediate progress and our child loves it!"

- Joyce Phillips, California
Help for Dyslexia
How the Language tune-Up Kit (LTK) Works
All instruction is provided by prerecorded human
voice, so it's just like working directly with a teacher.

LTK teaches a student how to sound out letter
combinations and make them into words. It does this
through audio, visual and tactile-kinesthetic (learn by
"doing") exercises.

LTK lesson exercises teach skills in word building,
audio recognition (identifying the sounds made by
letter combinations), oral reading of words/sentences
and stories (with questions), dictation (where the
student types phrases/sentences provided by the
program), quizzes and sight words (words that do not
conform to phonetic spelling rules).

Orton-Gillingham Software

Dyslexia and Reading
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A Proven Solution
Our software has been used by hundreds of thousands of  families and schools around the world. It is highly effective
for ages 6-adult who currently read at grade levels 0-4.  It is solidly based on the
Orton-Gillingham principles that still
Orton Gillingham
Our unique Dictation exercises do not exist in any other software available today!

here to learn more about our software for home and school use.
Free Reading Test

Have your child take our  
free reading assessment
(requires Adobe® Reader).
After completing LTK's 87 lessons,
students can decode and read 90% of
all words in the English language. The
remaining 10% are words that do not
follow word-building rules.
OrderingDownload free demo/View Demo On lineFrequently Asked QuestionsTestimonialsSupport
LTK provides comprehensive
reports to help parents and
teachers determine areas of
weakness and student
Why It Works
Repetition causes the brain to remember what is
Sequence of instruction ensures minimal
Multisensory interaction teaches to the
student's strengths while improving their weakest
learning pathways. It's all