All versions provide
instruction in both English and
How the Language tune-Up Kit (LTK) Works
All instruction is provided by a human voice, so it's just like working directly with a

LTK teaches a student how to sound out letter combinations and make them into
words. It does this through audio, visual and tactile-kinesthetic (learn by "doing")

LTK lesson exercises teach skills in word building, audio recognition (identifying
the sounds made by letter combinations), oral reading of words/sentences and
stories (with questions), dictation (where the student types phrases/sentences
provided by the program), quizzes and sight words (words that do not conform to
phonetic spelling rules).

Orton-Gillingham Reading Software

Dyslexia and Reading
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Our unique Dictation exercises do not exist in any other software available today!

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Free Reading Test

Have your child take our free
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After completing LTK's 87
lessons, students can decode
and read 90% of all words in
the English language. The
remaining 10% are words that
do not follow word-building
OrderingFrequently Asked QuestionsTestimonialsSupportBlog
Why LTK Works
Repetition causes the brain to remember what is taught. Sequence of instruction
ensures minimal confusion.
Multisensory interaction teaches to the student's
strengths while improving their weakest
(applies only to LTK
Family versions on
CD-ROM or Flash
If a child can't learn the way we teach,
maybe we should teach the way they learn.
Dyslexia and Reading
My daughter is 14, has severe dyslexia and was reading at a 2nd grade level.
I had spent thousands of dollars on other reading programs with minimal
success, and was desperate to find something that would work for her. This
program was it!! We started the program in February of this year and she
continued to improve week after week.

In March she took her yearly assessment and was reading just below grade
level. Yesterday I had her read the page out of a chapter book that was at
grade level. She read it quickly, wasn’t stumbling over the words, and only
missed one or two words which she caught and corrected herself. I could not
be more pleased. We took a reading assessment today, and she is reading at
8.5 grade level. Thank you so much for this program! I couldn’t be happier
with the results.

J.S., Westminster, CO