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Our daughter has dyslexia. She’s 10 years old. We’ve been using the “Language Tune-Up Kit”. It’s
worked absolute wonders for her. She has improved so much! Her reading, spelling and writing is
on a whole new level….increased by 2-3 grade levels. I felt lost when I first started to research
solutions that were both affordable and offered her some real help with her reading/writing/spelling

We’ve been using it for about 5 months or so. It takes her about 45 min to 1 hr per day to complete
a lesson. I started out sitting beside her for each lesson to offer help and encouragement. But now
she does them independently. It is monotonous, I’ll admit. But, it really, really works. Some days she
needs more encouragement than others. We homeschool and this program is the first lesson of
every day for her….it really seems to get her brain stimulated and ready to learn. I highly
recommend this program!! It has truly been a blessing for our daughter. (:
Thank you Language Tune-Up Kit!!
Grateful Fischers