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    JWor Enterprises, Inc. was formed by its president in 1993. He took early retirement as an
    IBM district manager to create the company.

    “My two sons experienced the symptoms of poor readers and dyslexic children”, he says.
    “My wife and I had a troublesome time trying to figure out what to do about the situation
    our children were experiencing. Their self-esteem was deteriorating and their academic
    results were far below their abilities.

    “We sent both of our sons to a private boarding school for dyslexic young men. It was
    there that I learned out about the Orton-Gillingham remedial reading method. I visited the
    owner of a large distributor of educational materials and determined that the
    Orton-Gillingham methodology could be delivered by a software product.

    “As the Orton-Gillingham method is very complex, we engaged the services of two tutors,
    both formally trained and each with 25 years of experience. They helped us put the
    content of the software together. Teachers with classroom experience created the stories
    and worked with the tutors to ensure that we had met the strict requirements of the
    Orton-Gillingham method.

    “As the software was being developed, we tested it with students working with tutors, in
    schools, in adult learning centers and in a local prison. Their feedback provided us with
    valuable insight to make the program fully functional for all types of learners.

    “In total, there were twenty-one people directly involved in the development of the
    Language Tune-Up Kit family of software programs. We feel that it is the best program of
    its type available today.”

    JWor Enterprises, Inc. is a registered corporation located in Columbus, Ohio.

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