Audio Recognition Isolated Sounds

/Audio Recognition Isolated Sounds

Audio Recognition Isolated Sounds

Isolate your child's reading anxiety with the development of 'isolated sounds recognition skills' over the LTK.

In this activity, the students are tested for their understanding of the vowel sounds in three-letter words. Example, For the word ‘mix’, the LTK plays its audio and then directs the students to identity and type the vowel in the space provided. If the students are unable to figure out the answer, they can use the hint button, which provides three hints, namely, Hint1, Hint2, and Hint 3. Hint 1 displays the three-letter word i.e., ‘mix’; Hint2 plays the phonic sound of ‘i’; and Hint3 shows the entire word with the phonic sound of all the three letters that make up the word.

Lesson 001 - Audio Recognition

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