Sight Words

The ‘sight words‘ activity is a very useful activity in teaching how to spell and pronounce  difficult words at the elementary school level. Apart from dyslexic children, it also very effective for all other students . Here, the LTK plays the audio of a word for students to hear.

The sight word is presented on the screen and the student is asked to record his or her version and compare it to the prerecorded version. A Sight Word Notebook  is available on all student lesson screens, allowing the student to click on any word to hear it pronounced by LTK.

LTK Presents sight words at the end of most lessons. In all, there are over 400 sight words presented throughout the program. The order of presentation is similar to the order of phonemes presented within the lesson sequence. Some sight words are presented as needed for Oral Reading lesson activities.



Example words: shepherd, heiress, khaki, John, honor.

Lesson 086 Sight Words


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