Game Mixed Up Words

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In the game 'mixed up words', the syllables that form a word are displayed in a random manner. The students are supposed to re-arrange these syllables to form [...]

Game Syllables

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In this game activity, the students identify the syllables in a word by clicking in between the letters of a word. For example, the word 'bathrobe' could be [...]

Game Connecting Syllables

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This activity familiarizes students with the syllables that form of a word. The LTK diplays the first syllable of a word and asks students to complete the word [...]

CrossWord Puzzle

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The 'crossword puzzle' is a game activity that improves students' analytical thinking abilities. Here, the LTK displays an empty matrix of a crossword puzzle. The LTK displays a [...]

Sounds Review II

By | 2017-06-06T06:13:29+00:00 February 12th, 2017|Review, Sounds|

Sound Review II is a revision exercise, which plays sounds of multiple letters from previous lessons for students' practice. Dyslexic students who face difficulty in reading comprehension can [...]

Sounds Review I

By | 2017-06-06T06:03:31+00:00 February 11th, 2017|Review, Sounds|

Sound Review I is a revision exercise, which plays letter sounds from previous lessons for students' practice. The students can listen to the LTK audio of the letters, [...]

Game WordMatch

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In the Game WordMatch Activity, the LTK displays two to four words that have similar spellings and plays the sound for one of them. The students should select [...]

Game Word Fill

By | 2017-06-06T05:31:58+00:00 February 11th, 2017|Games|

This activity is designed to make students familiar with the English vocabulary and pronunciation. Here, the LTK displays a sentence with a missing word and prompts the students [...]

Game Sound Check

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The 'Game Sound Check' activity is especially useful in getting familiar with phonic sounds of letters. ESL students can polish their pronunciation of English letters by comparing their [...]