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Features - Language Tune Up Kit
After completing LTK’s 87 lessons, students can decode and read 90% of all words in the English language. The remaining 10% are words that do not follow word-building rules.All versions provide instruction in both English and Spanish.

Features That Make Your Life Easier

Automatic Backups

LTK automatically creates up to five copies of the Student History file. It does this once for each day that you use the program. Restoring to a previous date is done with the click of a button.

Move your Student History File

If your child is using two different computers to operate any of the LTK At Home versions it’s easy to move the Student History file to a USB or Flash Drive and take it to another location (Grandmother’s house, for instance). Import the file and run it on the second PC. Reverse the process when returning home.

Placement Test

The LTK Placement Test is one of the many features that is designed to aid in placing a student at the appropriate lesson number at first use of the program. For some older students a more accurate approach is to utilize the Set Beginning Lesson feature, noted below.

Set Beginning Lesson

Not every student needs to start at lesson 1. This feature allows you to set the appropriate starting lesson to begin the program at the appropriate lesson. The printed LTK Reading Assessment (also available below) is more accurate in determining which lesson number is most appropriate to been using the program.


LTK provides comprehensive reports to help parents determine areas of weakness and student performance. No guessing about how well your child is doing.

Download our free reading assessment, seen below. You’ll spend 15 minutes with your child to see how LTK can help.

Why LTK Works

Repetition causes the brain to remember what is taught.

Sequence of instruction ensures minimal confusion.

Multisensory interaction teaches to the student’s
strengths while improving their weakest learning pathways.

It’s all Orton-Gillingham

Our unique Dictation exercises do not exist in any other software available today!

Click here to learn more about our software for home and school use.

Free Reading Assessment

Have your child take our free reading
assessment (requires Adobe® Reader).

Download Free Test

Orton-Gillingham dyslexia