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    Benefits for Home Users

    Helping your son or daughter learn to read is always a challenge. If dyslexia is part of the problem you have significant hurdle to overcome.

    The Language Tune-Up Kit software will do it for you!

    This dyslexia homeschool software has been tested by parents for over 20 years. Thousands of kids have been helped because the dyslexia homeschool software is entirely based on the Orton-Gilingham method. This means that you will receive the very best assistance possible for your child.

    You will save time and money by using your own computer to help your child. No need to travel to a tutor or reading clinic to get the assistance you need. And you’ll save hundreds (or thousands) of dollars from it. No training is necessary to get the benefits of Orton-Gilingham–it’s built into the program!

    Language Tune-up Kit provides comprehensive reports to help parents determine the areas of his or her child’s weaknesses and performance. No guessing about how well your child is doing.

    Try our free reading test here. You will only spend 15 minutes with your child to see if Language Tune Up Kit software can help.

    Why It Works

    Repetition causes the brain to remember what is taught. Sequence of instruction ensures minimal confusion. Multisensory interaction teaches to the student’s strengths while improving their weakest learning pathways. It’s all Orton-Gillingham method.

    Our unique Dictation exercises do not exist in any other dyslexia homeschool software available today!

    Click here to learn more about our software for home and school use. Click here for a comparison of LTK At Home versus LTK For Schools.

    Language Tune Up Kit Orton Gillingham Lessons

    After completing LTK’s 87 lessons, students can decode and read 90% of all words in the English language. The remaining 10% are words that do not follow word-building rules.

    All versions provide instruction in both English and Spanish.