Improve your English for Work!

///Improve your English for Work!

    Improve your English for Work!



    Language Tune-Up Kit (LTK) is a right solution to improve your English! It contains over 5,500 words which are used in everyday life. Our program is especially useful for people working in a customer service environment. 

    Features of LTK that make it unique for learning English for Work:

    • We speak your language – LTK provides instructions in English, Spanish, Russian, French, German and Chinese languages (30+ languages in total)
    • Auditory instructions in English
    • Repetition ensures learning
    • Unique dictation exercises
    • Card deck
    • Sight words
    • Promotes self-learning

     Overview of English skills taught over the LTK:

    • Lessons 1 – 11 – Teaches short vowels and consonants
    • Lesson 12 – Doubling rule
    • Lesson 13-17 – Initial blends
    • Lesson 18-22 – Final blends
    • Lesson 23 – 41 – Long vowel sounds, digraphs, long vowel teams, and three letter blends
    • Lessons 42-58 – two- and three- syllable words, syllable division, and three- letter final blends
    • Lessons 59-75 – ‘R’ controlled sounds, silent ‘E’ and additional vowel teams
    • Lessons 76-87 – suffixes, digraphs, additional silent letters and numbers.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is most recent version?

    LTK version 10 is the most recent version of the program.

    What OS are supported?

    All recent Windows and MAC OSX are supported.

    What about Updates?

    All updates are included as long as the subscription is active. To update LTK please see Updates in the Global Options.

    I have more questions. Who do I ask?

    Try searching for what you need in our Help & Support site. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can email us at [email protected] for more help.