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/LTK Review and Recommendation (Tech in EDU )
    LTK Review and Recommendation (Tech in EDU ) 2017-12-22T09:55:45-05:00

    “After having researched each of these programs thoroughly, I can appreciate what each has to offer. Whether I teach in an inclusive setting classroom or a pull-out environment, each program has its advantages and could benefit learners with dyslexia. Assuming solely that I am working with students with dyslexia and based upon the research I have gathered, I would prefer to work with the Language Tune-Up Kit. I feel this program offers sound lessons that are geared toward a specific learning disability, dyslexia. Language Tune-Up Kit is a cost-effective program that is backed by many years of research, development, and experience in multi-sensory techniques and would best benefit all learners with reading difficulties. ” 

    Sara Covington,

    Dominican University

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