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Language Tune Up Kit® is based upon the time-proven Orton-Gillingham (OG) method.

Our At-Home Edition also provides record-keeping for two students for all lessons with easy to use reports, making it the perfect tool for homeschooling! Click for more info – LTK Reports

Reading is the foundation of all other learning and is one of the most important subjects home schooling parents concern themselves with. JWOR offers a unique self-directed software program for those with reading difficulties such as Dyslexia, and able to read at a level of approximately grades 0 to 4. Language Tune Up Kit (LTK) will excite your child’s interest in reading and stimulate improvement in all phases of language development. JWOR’s Language Tune Up Kit is based upon the time-proven Orton-Gillingham approach and their Dictation exercises are not found in any other reading program anywhere!

LTK begins with a placement test to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the reader. Then, the program leads the user through the 87 lessons, designed to improve his/her weaknesses while maintaining strengths . . . ultimately developing a balanced, confident reader. The full lesson series can be completed in 120-150 hours, bringing the student to an 8th-grade reading level. A card deck is included in the Kit, which works with the computer program, which is multisensory, creating and maintaining interest in the child. This is all-important to developing skill and progressing, since boredom is often the cause of some portion of learning hardships.

The JWOR website offers a downloadable version of the assessment test with both Parent and Student sheets to work from. It also provides full instructions for completing the assessment and explains that there is no grade, only an insight into the student’s present skills. The LTK for Home edition also provides record-keeping for two students for all lessons, making it the perfect tool for families with more than one student using the program at a time. Please visit the website for much more information and to download the assessment.