LTK for Educators

Our Platform is the perfect tool for educators! It is based on the proven OG-method and contains all the key literacy courses (Early Ed, Remediation, Special Ed and ESL) . Kids, Teens and Adults can be taught face to face or through video chat. We solve all technical issues so that you are able to concentrate on most important aspects of the teaching process.

Why LTK Works

LTK is based on the scientifically proven Orton-Gillingham method of utilizing a multisensory curriculum with a positive feedback mechanism. It has been proven very effective with tens of thousands of students, especially with children having learning disabilities (LD), including dyslexia and ADHD. The LTK adjusts to each student's abilities automatically and there are further adjustments that can be made. Tutors can monitor/review progress on their own using a dashboard.
LTK's multisensory approach reinforces learning by having students code words in multiple modalities, such as tracing over letters as they hear words audibly spoken. The LTK also includes a card-deck to teach phonemic awareness, letters, and sound recognition. The lessons are also full of games and activities to teach phonics and give instructions for beginning readers.

Training Included

LTK for Educators includes a wealth of resources to help you extract the most out of the computer-assisted learning model:
Learn how to assess and place students at the right level.
Use Chatroom to provide remote learning (Zoom, Skype, Google - all major video Chat platforms are supported).
Utilize the Tutor Portal -your own virtual classroom, to review students' progress, create custom assignments.
Customize the learning process for your students individually and by group.

By spending 30 minutes a day with the LTK, you will:

Gain 2-5 grade levels in weeks, not months
Build confidence and self-esteem
Develop reading proficiency and significantly increase decoding skills
Improve spelling skills

Choose the best LTK e-Learning Option​

Extremely cost-effective- from $9/mo. per student

LTK for Educators
Online Virtual School

Review students progress via an Online Tutor Portal
Ideal for professional educators
Helps teachers and administrators determine areas of weakness
and student performance.

LTK for Schools - ideal for larger groups

Contains all Key Literacy Courses in 1 package
No limit on number of students and classes
Can scale from a single school site to entire School District.

We help you succeed!

Get student referrals in your area, Increase your visibility on the internet and social media,
Get early access to new LTK features.

Get Orton-Gillingham and LTK Certification and Training

Quickly master the OG-approach using our LTK Platform for Blended Teaching.
Learn best practices about modern dyslexia and reading intervention tactics.
Get certified in Orton-Gillingham-based approach using LTK software.

LTK For Adults, Youth, and ESL

LTK is perfect as a remediation solution
for adults, young adults, and Spanish and
other non-native speakers of English (ESL).

Virtual Online School

The LTK functions as a virtual online school with no limits! The learners can login to their accounts remotely from anywhere and work through lessons. A teacher can check their work and interact with the learners through chat. A detailed dashboard gives insight into each learner's progress. The LTK scales from small classrooms to entire school districts. There's an LTK solution for every situation!

Video Chat

The LTK allows tutors to work as Virtual Coaches
to facilitate learning in children. Coaches can interact with learners in
real-time. They can offer advice and custom remediation tailored to the
students individual needs. They also help to motivate students
and give them emotional support. The result is that students will have
increased confidence and self-esteem as they see their skills grow with the tutor's help.


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