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The Language Tune-up Kit (LTK) is the perfect tool for tutors to help their students. The LTK has continuously been in development for 25 years! We can help in a wide range of learning issues. It works for kids, adults, and also for ESL students.

We have specialized versions suitable for different situations. Please select the most appropriate one below.

How the Language Tune-up Kit (LTK) Works

The LTK is based on the scientifically proven Orton-Gillingham method of utilizing a multisensory curriculum with a positive feedback mechanism. It is very effective with many students, as well as with children having Learning Disabilities (LD), including dyslexia. The LTK adjusts to each student's abilities automatically and there are further adjustments that can be made. Turors can monitor/review progress on their own using a dashboard.

There is an abundance of research in cognitive science, education, and neuroscience that helps us better understand how the brain works and the acquisition of reading skills. However, reading impairments and learning difficulties continue to exist. Some of the major factors contributing to reading difficulties is lack of early reading remediation and how reading is actually taught in schools. Educational practices often do no not apply the latest research, teachers are often finding themselves unprepared to teach each student according to their unique needs. Many student difficulties are overlooked and not diagnosed properly at an early age when remediation is essential and can truly make a difference. This is when additional resources and training are essential. The LTK is an opportunity to increase literacy levels, to teach students about reading and language rules, phonemic awareness, decoding and blending sounds, decoding words, learning to read, and reading to learn. The LTK shapes a student's learning pathway!

The LTK uses a multisensory approach, a card-deck to teach phonemic awareness, letters, and sound recognition, activities to teach phonics and give instructions for beginning readers.

LTK For Adults, Youth, and ESL
on Flash Drive (Mac/Win)

This version of the LTK is perfect as a remediation solution
for adults, young adults, and Spanish and
other non-native speakers of English (ESL).
This version doesn't require an Internet connection to use.

For ESL Students

Helps in 20+ Languages

From Arabic to Vietnamese, the new LTK for ESL course helps children to adults. Instructions are given in the student's native language, so there are no misunderstandings. In addition to increasing English vocabulary, the LTK will fix pronunciation issues as students record their voices and compare with the program's audio.

With 50+ activities and games, an interactive card deck, clear instructions for word decoding rules, control over the speed of delivery, and enhanced remote tutoring options, the LTK is the perfect choice for students you tutor. And now, all our products run on Windows and MAC OSX computers and laptops. Also included with all versions is an online subscription to vocabulary building apps to help with a GED diploma, secondary school, or workplace literacy (on iOS, Android, Chromebooks).

Touch Typing

The LTK typing course employs repetition and touch typing which are known
to facilitate learning in children. It can also be used as a typing
practice application for children who have slower processing speeds,
which is based on the fact that repetition or regular practice leads to faster processing.
When children learn through touch typing, the formation of letter and word
images takes place within their brain and hence, they learn at an appreciable pace.

Typing Games

The online typing games offered along with the LTK typing courses are of great interest to children as they consist of a fun factor combined with educational skills. The online games progress in their level of complexity in the following order, namely, games that require the typing of simple letters, games that need the typing of simple words, and games that promote the typing of full sentences and passages. The online games are a place to implement the concepts learned via the online typing tutorial. Therefore, it is advisable that your child first completes a few sessions of the online tutorial before getting involved with the games.

Typing Training

The Language Tune-up Kit typing software is available
online, so it doesn't need to be installed on your computer. It is suitable
for use by students, families, schools, and homeschools. What makes the
LTK typing software unique is the presence of a virtual keyboard, animated
tutor hands, and pre-recorded audio instructions that guide the users.
Practicing typing over the LTK increases one’s
keyboard awareness and improves typing speed.

Typing Tests

An online typing test can be used to assess one’s typing skills in terms of words per minute (wpm) or characters per minute (cpm). Our typing test is called the Online LTK Typing Test. It is a unique and comprehensive test that is based on the latest literacy research and many years of expertise in teaching writing skills to young children including dyslexic children. Its user-friendly features enable its usage in children aged 6 years and above.

Learn to Touch Type

The LTK employs the concept of touch typing that aids
in practicing typing that is extremely popular among parents,
teachers, and students. The LTK instructs the students to
listen to the audio and then type. The tracing games that are complementary
with the LTK reinforce touch typing skills that
have been learned during the actual lesson sessions.
It has been noticed that students practicing tracing/typing
over the LTK gain improvements in keyboarding skills and have
elevated levels of self-esteem and confidence. Furthermore,
it lessens the time spent over a keyboard, thereby promoting
a healthier posture and reducing
the occurrence of headaches, neck
and back pains, and muscular sprains.

Choose the best LTK e-Learning Option​

LTK for Individuals
(Home Users)

from $128
Contains 87 lessons in 5 levels
Up to 3 students under one account
The LTK provides comprehensive reports to help parents determine areas of weakness and student performance.

LTK for Educators
(Online Virtual School for Small groups)

$478 and up
Review students progress via an Online Tutor Portal
Ideal for groups
Helps teachers and administrators determine areas of weakness and student performance.

LTK for Schools
(K to HS)

from $9/mo
Contains all Key Literacy Courses in 1 package
No limit on number of students and classes
The LTK provides 5 comprehensive reports to help parents, teachers, and administrators determine areas of weakness and student performance.


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