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LTK Screen Images

LTK Placement Test Determines the correct lesson number for each student to begin the LTK program.

Familiarization Exercises These teach the student how to use the mouse and all program functions.

Typical Lesson Screen Each lesson uses the same screen layout. Once familiar with these screens, the student is quite comfortable with the program interface.

Notes Panel Used to practice spelling, and to hear words pronounced by the program.

Sight Words Notebook For commonly-used words and for those that do not conform to phonetic spelling rules. The student receives a few sight words within each of the 87 lessons, for a total of 292 sight words at the program’s conclusion.

Student Options Panel This feature allows the student to change screen colors, sound volumes and program speed.

Virtual Keyboard A simulated keyboard is available for those with physical limitations. The entire program can be operated using only a mouse or mouse-like device.