The Orton-Gillingham method of teaching incorporated in LTK can now be utilized by tutors, doctors and teachers remotely with students learning from Home!  The student progress can be tracked in real-time on LTK web-site for Tutors. 
Also new, enhanced LTK courses now cover the most important Basic Literacy areas (Initial reading and decoding skills acquisition,  Remediation and Intervention  (Dyslexia/ LD) and  English as a Second Language (ESL). 

LTK as part of the literacy curriculum

LTK can help students achieve significant improvements in vocabulary and comprehension. It consists of 87 lessons that encompass a total vocabulary of more than 4400 words.  
It could be quite hectic to plan lessons and at the same time manage your tutoring. The LTK could be used as the sole mode of instruction to tutor online students. The built-in lessons save a lot of your time, which could enhance your productivity as a tutor. Therefore, you would be able to manage teaching multiple students with a single special education software. Furthermore, LTK provides student performance summary report for each of the students with vital details, including student name, start and stop dates and times, time-on-task, and current lesson number. In addition, you could also assess the current reading abilities of new students with the assessment test available. Thus, you will be able to identify reading deficiencies in your students effectively with the help of LTK. Once this assessment is done, the LTK automatically places the students at the appropriate starting lesson.

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