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All LTK® For Schools Versions contain 87 lessons in 5 Levels which will take your students to a 5th grade reading level. All versions support or can be easily upgraded to an unlimited number of students and computers.

We have both Online and on-premises (installed) Versions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Break 1 (Lessons 1 -22)

Begins with the sounds and symbols of the alphabet.

The introduction to reading combines short vowels into three-letter, three-sound words and progresses to five-letter, five-sound words containing initial and final blends. BREAK 1 contains approximately 800 words.

BREAK 2 (lessons 23-41)

Break 2 covers long vowel sounds, many digraphs, long vowel teams, and three-letter blends.

BREAK 2 contains approximately 890 words.

BREAK 3 (lessons 42-58)

BREAK 3 advances to two-, then three- syllable words, syllable division, and three-letter final blends.

The stories and sentences increase in length and complexity. An additional 650 words are an ad.

BREAK 4 (lessons 59-75)

BREAK 4 presents further language decoding tools: the “R” controlled sounds, the silent “E,” and additional vowel teams.

This set of lessons contains 740 words.

BREAK 5 (lessons 76-87)

BREAK 5 completes the reading program with more advanced concepts in suffixes, digraphs, and additional silent letters and numbers.

An additional 620 words bring the total vocabulary of the Language Tune-Up Kit to more than 4400 words, presented in a strict sequence that relies on sound combinations and skills previously mastered by the student.

15 languages and counting

From Arabic to Turkish, the new LTK for ESL course helps children to adults with 50+ activities and games, interactive card deck, clear instructions for word decoding rules, control over the speed of delivery and enhanced remote tutoring options. And now all our products run on MAC-OSX computers and laptops. Also included with all versions is an online subscription to Vocabulary building apps to help with GED Diploma, Secondary School or Workplace Literacy. (iOS, Android, Chromebooks)