LTK for Tutors

LTK for Tutors

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LTK for Tutors is for all educators (tutors, parents, teachers) who work with multiple students. The system is web-based and supports any modern browser (mobile, tables, Chrome-books, desktop computers and MACs).

This version comes with licenses for 2 students (Home versions).

Additional home-versions can be purchased and also any LTK home-version user can be enrolled with a tutor easily.

This version doesn't have a limit on number of students.

This is a subscription that will be valid for 6 months after the purchase date.

This is a Download package. The printable LTK For Schools Teacher's Reference Guide and printable LTK Card Deck is included (PDF).

Note that this purchase is non-refundable and is NOT eligible for Purchase Orders.

OS: Home version supports Windows and MAC OSX computers.

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What is most recent version?

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What OS are supported?

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What about Updates?

All updates are included during and your subscription period.

What are Premium Apps?

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