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Remediating Dyslexia with the LTK

About Dyslexia

Dyslexia is the most common learning issue among school age children. It is a problem reading fluently and accurately. Dyslexia can also create difficulties with other skills like spelling, writing, reading comprehension and math. The possible causes of dyslexia could be genes and heredity, also brain anatomy and activity.

A learning disability is a neurological state that affects a person’s capability to undertake, store, and reproduce information and could affect the cognitive qualities in a person. In other words, when information is presented to individuals with learning disability, they lack the ability to receive, process, store, decode and pass on information when required. In such cases, the Language Tune up Kit (LTK®) could be beneficial in processing the information from the senses to the brain without causing any distortions.

Remediating Dyslexia - Language Tune-up Kit

According to the International Dyslexia Association:

Around 15-20% of the people in the world encounter at least one symptom of dyslexia. Research carried out in America, Britain, and Sweden reveals that about 30-52% of prisoners in these countries suffer from dyslexia. As per a study conducted in public primary schools in Phalga Rivers State Nigeria, one out of every three children is dyslexic.

Children and Dyslexia

Often children with dyslexia are able to read but at considerably lower rates than required for their age and academic level. Based on the severity of the disorder, these children could have poor and below average reading skills. The LTK can help such children in improving their reading skills drastically. This is a software based on the Orton-Gillingham approach which has been developed specifically to help students with reading difficulties. It advocates the same decoding and phonemic skills that could be provided by a professional tutor and comprises of 87 lessons with the help of which your child could master reading and vocabulary in just 120-150 hours with convenience at home.

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For Parents and Teachers

Parents and teachers often wonder why some children find it easy to read, write, solve math problems, and outshine in their academics, while a few others of the same age group strain themselves to achieve even a passing grade with similar tasks. The symptoms of dyslexia could be seen from preschool age, where the children find difficulty with learning letters and sounds, have constant confusion between left and right, have difficulty in following simple nursery rhymes, and get disoriented easily. During early school days, the children have constant auditory and visual confusion when they come across similar graphemes and phonemes. For instance, they might get confused about the letters ‘b’ and ‘d’. They could also make simple mistakes in addition, might omit elements of words, and have confusions between letters and syllables. In addition, it is important to assess family history for such symptoms in order to diagnose dyslexia in children.

children with dyslexia - LTK

LTK can be extremely helpful with dyslexia remediation. The anxiety experienced by children and their parents could be put to rest with the use of our LTK software, which is available in a family version and two school versions that support single PC and networked configurations. What’s more is that it can provide instructions in English and Spanish!

The LTK could be of great help to students who do not seem familiar with the phonic skills. It is an ideal software program for children 7 years old and up, teenagers, and adults with poor reading skills. The LTK could help children in learning the basics of phonics and then master the phonic skills thereby helping them to overcome low self-esteem and obtain confidence.

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