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Jwor Enterprises, Inc.


Description: Multimedia reading software for those with dyslexia.


Disabilities Served: Learning disability / ADHD

Physical disability Location (state-county): Nationwide

Services Offered: Bilingual Services

-MetroKids Magazine

JWOR offers a unique self-directed software program for those with reading difficulties such as Dyslexia, and able to read at a level of approximately grades 0 to 4. Language Tune Up Kit (LTK) will excite your child’s interest in reading and stimulate improvement in all phases of language development. JWOR’s Language Tune Up Kit is based upon the time-proven Orton-Gillingham approach and their Dictation exercises are not found in any other reading program anywhere!

-Homeschool News Link

Language Tune-up Kit

Students begin by learning the sounds of the letters and small words. Lesson instructions are presented to the student by a pre-recorded voice and text. A short quiz follows each lesson presented in a game format. If the student wins the game (scores 80 percent or better), she is able to move on to the next lesson.


The Language Tune-Up Kit (LTK®) interactive reading software helps develop skills through engaging exercises. Our software has been used by tens of thousands of families and schools around the world. The Language Tune-Up Kit (LTK®) is a research -based remedial reading multimedia phonics software program. It is highly effective for ages 6 – adult who currently read at grade levels 0 -4. It is solidly based on the Orton-Gillingham principles that still remainas the most successful ever devised to help those with reading difficulties.

-Dyslexic Like Me

The Language Tune-Up Kit (LTK®) curriculum includes the eight essential instructional elements needed to successfully teach students: Multisensory: Instruction involves immediate, intensive, and continuous interaction between what the student is seeing, hearing, and feeling in the speech mechanisms and the writing hand. All the language elements taught are reinforced by having the student listen, speak, read and write. In LTK the student uses a mouse, microphone and keyboard to learn newly taught phonograms and to spell and write letters, words, and sounds from dictation…..

-The National Right to Read Foundation

The Right to Read Foundation can be contacted at P.O. Box 490, The Plains, VA 20198 or at (540) 349-1614. To order materials, call (800) 468-8911. Their website can be found at

-Angry Parents, Failing Schools: What’s Wrong With The Public Schools & What You Can Do About It

By: Elaine K. McEwan-Adkins, Page 107

Mr. & Mrs. Fadino look into the Language Tune-Up Kit at Home Reading Software ([email protected]). This Orton-Gillingham-based software assists individuals from 6 years through adulthood to hone their reading skills at home.

-Assessing and Differentiating Reading and Writing Disorders

By: Linda Lombardino, Page 166

The inmate-tutors receive training in tutoring, which continues each week throughout the program to ensure that their tutoring skills keep growing. Each week, the learner works with such literacy materials as the Laubach Adult Literacy Program, Merrill Linguistics, the Language Tune-Up Kit, the Electronic Bookshelf, and several phonics programs.

-Best Practices: Excellence in Corrections

By: Edward E. Rhine, Page 126

Language Tune-Up, Orton-Gillingham. (888) 431-6310

-Building the Reading Brain, PreK-3

By: Pamela Nevills & Patricia Wolfe, Page 189

‘Language Tune-Up Kit’

Order Department

Jwor Enterprises Inc.

4254 Maryland Drive, Columbus OH 43224

Fax: 888-329-0407

-Dyslexia and Foreign Language Learning

By: Elke Schneider & Margaret Crombie, Page 100

The Language Tune-Up Kit (LTK®) interactive reading software helps develop skills through engaging exercises. The software has been used by tens of thousands of families and schools around the world. It is appropriate for ages 6 – adult who currently read at grade levels 0 -4, for a variety of reasons including dyslexia. A free version is available here:

-Helping Every Child to Read

It’s books, manipulatives, and teacher’s editions for several years. It includes reading, phonics, spelling, and handwriting. I will be using it for both of my boys so when you divide it out it didn’t seem that bad after I had looked at Barton and several others. There is no software, but I found something that my boy’s like to use and it’s called The Language Tune up Kit.

The National Right to Read Foundation

Access at

-How to Raise a Reader

By: Elaine K. McEwan, Page 168

Examples of phonics and word identification programs that are intended for use by adolescents are the Language Tune-Up Kit (grades 2-12 plus adult, Jwor Enterprise).

-Literacy in America: An Encyclopedia of History, Theory and Practice

We paid a leading dyslexia expert to confirm our suspicion of our child’s dyslexia through tests such as Woodcock Reading Mastery III, CTOPP (Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing) and TWS (Test of Written Spelling). Instead of paying up to $95/hour for a LiPs tutor, then paying up to $50/hour for an OG tutor or the Barton System, I decided to first try the OG-based Language Tune-Up Kit at Home (LTK) software. It cost $144 including shipping to Canada and it took three weeks to arrive. The demo CD is $5 with free shipping, which is a good option for those evaluating the many options that claim to treat dyslexia.

The computerized assessment in the CD suggested skipping to a high lesson number, while the manual “Break 1” assessment I gave suggested a much lower starting lesson. I experimented with starting at lesson 1, which turned out to be too boring for my 11-year old. I contacted LTK Support, which is excellent by the way, who recommended lesson 23. I did the “Break 2” assessment, which confirmed that lesson 23 is a good place to start. I got a copy of the all the reports for lesson 1 since the student’s history file is erased when you override the lesson number after having started LTK.

-Well Trained Mind


The principles of direct and explicit instruction and the content of a multi-sensory structured language program are essential for effective teaching methodologies for persons with dyslexia. The resources below are based on the Orton-Gillingham approach, recommended by the International Dyslexia Association, and are appropriate for adults. (Note: Letters in parentheses refer to the Publishers and Websites section.)


1. Language Tune-Up Kit (LTK at Home) ,

-Florida Department of Education utilizes interactive reading software to help develop reading skills with the Orton-Gillingham phonics method. We help with dyslexia and remedial reading problems. For more information, call us at 888-431-6310 or 614-784-8710.

-Music Education Centre

Language Tune-Up Kit At Home

Product Description / Age Range / Cost:

TXT/CD/FC , Grade 2 – Adult, $240


JWor Enterprises

-NRRF – Phonics Products for Home

Language Tune-Up Kit is based on the Orton-Gillingham Method. Orton Gillingham is “a technique of studying and teaching language, understanding the nature of human language, the mechanisms involved in learning and the language-learning processes in individuals”. It’s “approach is language-based, multi-sensory, structured, sequential, cumulative, cognitive, and flexible”. ( It helps children with language processing problems. Language-Tune Up Kit is a multimedia phonics program that is modifiable so it can accommodate the differentiating, individualistic skill levels each dyslexic student performs at.


School Phonics Products

Teachers can use these phonics products to teach essential decoding skills to students. Parents can use many of these products at home, too. Many products include flash cards, workbooks, audio cassettes, videos, CD-ROMs, or readers. Contact companies directly for product details or examination materials. Teacher training is available for most programs.

Language Tune-Up Kit For Schools


JWor Enterprises

-Phonics Products – The National Right to Read Foundation

Other Online Resources for Parents

Many patients with ADHD have learning disabilities: (orton gillingham)

-Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance

Language Tune-Up Kit At Home (for ages 8 to adult)

Jwor Enterprises, Inc.


-Middle Tennessee State University

The Language Tune-Up Kit is based on the Orton-Gillingham structured phonics method. The student interacts with the program in a self-paced environment. All instructions, letters, sounds, words, and help are provided via pre-recorded human voice. Instruction is provided in both Spanish and English.

-Special Education Technology Center

Sandie interviews Jim Worby about the program he created that is helping dyslexics read…

-VirtualLight #4 ~ Sandie interviews Jim Worby about the program

LTK is a complete software program that will take your students to an 8th grade reading level!

A software solution to your reading challenge.

LTK has taught tens of thousands of students to read since 1994!

-Perspectives on Language and Literacy

Best Educational Websites and Top 101 Awards for the Best Educational Websites – Spring 2011.

We scoured the web, and personally review and approve each site to bring you the best educational websites online.

Speech and Language


Some Suggested Parent Resources – Learning Disabilities

Below you will find a list of resources that have been developed during my years of working with students struggling to learn. Improvement in performance can sometimes result from curriculum adjustments or changes in the parent’s teaching method. It is also important for parents to inform themselves about learning disabilities so they can better empathize with their child.

If your student is still struggling after these changes have been tried, tutoring or specialized classroom instruction may be necessary.

Language Tune-up Kit (computer software),

-Basic Skills

The preferred instruction for the dyslexic reader is individual lessions with the Orton-Gillingham approach from a trained instructor. However, not everyone has access to personal individualized instruction. Some people find the following systems helpful for instruction. Please judge for yourself whether these systems might be helpful for you.

Orton-Gillingham Based Reading Intervention Program. Instruction is provided by prerecorded human voice, to try to duplicate working with a teacher. Teaches a student how to sound out letter combinations and make them into words. It does this through audio, visual and tactile-kinesthetic (learn by “doing”) exercises. Click to get the Reading Program’s website (

-Robert D. Smith, PhD


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