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    The LTK For Schools demonstration will provide 5 demonstration lessons for you to experience. The lessons show you how the student interacts with the program.

    You can also examine reports from real students who used the software.

    Additionally, you can experience the LTK management system as a student, instructor or administrator.

    The demonstration CD-ROM will allow you to determine its value in your learning environment.

    Please Note!

    We do not accept telephone orders for our demonstration CD-ROMs.

    System Requirements:

    • MAC OSX or Windows® XP or Windows Vista®/Windows 7/8/10® 32-/64-bit systems.
    • Color SVGA monitor (800 X 600 screen size or larger)
    • Sound card, Microsoft® Windows compatible
    • Headphones and microphone (connected to the sound card). Powered speakers and a microphone will be suitable when there are no outside noises to distract the student.
    • Mouse
    • Keyboard

    The LTK For Schools Demonstration CD-ROM operates on Apple® systems that have Windows installed.

    * Specifications for the Language Tune-Up Kit products are subject to change without notice.