Learn English (ESL) Phonics Program for Kids, Teens and Adults – LTK Online


Learn English (ESL) Phonics Program for Kids, Teens and Adults – LTK Online

Reading and Comprehension Program to Improve Pronunciation, Enhance Vocabulary, and Reduce Accent

The Language Tune-Up Kit (LTK) is a multisensory ESL program that helps adults and teens master the English Language. Learn American English visually and by ear (without having to remember any complex rules). Learn the four key skills — speaking, listening, reading, and writing. LTK is a phonics-based course which effectively teaches ESL students speaking, which is the most critical skill among the four language skills.



A clear American human voice improves your pronunciation. Our LTK for ESL is a great tool for ESL teachers and tutors to help their students acquire the necessary knowledge and improve their English language learning, reading, and comprehension. It is a phonics-based course that offers instructions, subtitles, definitions, and translations in a student’s native language. With all major languages supported (Spanish, Chinese, Creole, Portuguese, and 20+ languages). LTK can be used as a supplemental material to broaden their vocabulary (4500+ words taught), reading fluency, and word recognition.Get immediate access to the LTK Online WITHIN HOURS OF PURCHASE. You will receive your activation link via email so you can start right away. Check out the Online Demo.

Orton-Gillingham Method

It is based on the Orton-Gillingham method which emphasizes the basic units of sounds as well as the rules in how we put phonemes together in order to form words.


See LTK for groups if you are a tutor, teacher, or parent with multiple students. This version comes with access to the Tutor Portal that provides additional powerful eLearning options.


Supporting Research

Twenty percent of the U.S. population has some form of learning challenge. Research compiled over the past thirty years has shown that these students require instruction in phonemic awareness. The Language Tune-up Kit is particularly well suited to students with learning problems. It teaches the phonemic awareness skills necessary to acquire reading proficiency at all grade levels. It is also appropriate for students who can speak English and are literate or illiterate in non-English languages. The Orton-Gillingham method of explicit, systematic, intensive, and sequential instruction of phonics has been recognized as the most comprehensive method of its kind, teaching millions of students since the 1930s. It is the most researched and most successful of all remediation techniques available today.

About the Curriculum

The curriculum is based on the Orton-Gillingham method of explicit, direct, systematic, intensive, and sequential phonics. It comes with support for the most popular languages- Spanish, Russian, German and French – over 20 in total.

The beginning stage of language learning is the most crucial as it is the foundation of language development. If this foundation is not strong, then further development will be deficient.

Since less than a few percent of all school teachers are qualified to teach ESL, the LTK helps to bridge the skill gap by helping non-native English speakers acquire and improve their English skills.

The LTK effectively helps students to be able to read instructions in their native language from Grade 2 through high school and adult.

The printable and virtual Card Deck are included. You can also purchase a physical Card Deck to improve the learning experience.

Works on computers, tablets, laptops, phones, and Chromebooks (iOS, OSX, Windows, Android, Chrome).

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Number of Students

1 (One), 2 (Two), 3 (Three), 4 (Four), 5 (Five)

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