Reading Intervention At Home for Teens and Adults with Dyslexia/LD (LTK Online)


Reading Intervention At Home for Teens and Adults with Dyslexia/LD (LTK Online)

It’s never too late to address reading difficulties, and with the LTK at Home for Teens and Adults with Dyslexia/LD, it’s never been easier. Completing the LTK will give you all decoding rules of the English language so that you can successfully read 90% of all words. This purchase includes one (1) full year of access. 

The LTK online program is highly effective at helping adults and teens with dyslexia and learning disabilities achieve their most essential goals, including:

  • Graduating from high school by passing the GED test
  • Starting and running your own business
  • Understanding and coping within the workplace
  • Helping your child with homework
  • Getting a better job

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how this LTK product can help you or someone you know. Investing in reading is the greatest thing you can do to secure a bright future.



Who It’s For

Having difficulties reading or comprehending reading material can be as frustrating for an adult as it is for a child. The condition will become harder to address if there is no proper remediation available. Our LTK program provides instruction that works. It helps to improve reading and comprehension for many adults and children by going back to the early stages of teaching phonemic awareness and letter sound formation. There are many adults and children who struggle with reading and comprehension of auditory material just because they confuse sounds which leads them to confuse the meaning of the word, further leading to misunderstanding of whole sentences. The LTK can help improve all these areas. See how the LTK works by viewing our Online Demo.

If you suffer from dyslexia or other learning disabilities, you are most likely having difficulties with the basic procedures of everyday life, like filling out an employment application, going through training at a workplace, reading simple instructions, and so on. This is where the LTK comes in as your savior! The program helps adults, young adults, and teenagers master key lifelong learning skills: reading, writing, spelling and comprehension. Not only that, but our lessons have all the instructions in a student’s native language for those whose native language is not English. Our unique dictation exercises improve your writing and typing skills significantly. The course is self-paced and self- explanatory. No supervision is needed. You can begin at a library branch or school/center and continue at home. Our lessons have adjustable speeds, so you can set up each lesson to work at your own pace. Broaden your professional vocabulary, build better sentences, and improve your spelling. The LTK doesn’t require an Internet connection. It’s perfect for helping a student who is taking the GED test or with your classes at a secondary school or at a workplace literacy center.

About the LTK

The Language Tune-up Kit (LTK) is an online program that offers literacy remediation in ELA and ESL students (Tier-1) as well as intervention in students with reading disabilities (Tier-2, Tier-3) such as dyslexia. The program includes 87 interactive lessons that utilize 50+ different activities and techniques that are effective in improving language skills such as listening, reading, and speaking. It uses a built-in AI-based teaching method that enables students to achieve a 5th grade level in vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and pronunciation.

LTK Screenshots
Screenshots of the LTK

The LTK includes comprehensive reporting in the form of a dashboard. It also offers advanced features such as video chat with a tutor and the ability to easily find available tutors.

The Orton-Gillingham Method

The LTK uses the time-tested Orton-Gillingham Method to guide its instruction philosophy. This technique has a few main pillars: multimodality, repetition, and sequence. Mulisensory engagement is achieved through such activities as having students trace over letters with their fingers as they hear words spoken, so as to associate the tactile with the audible senses. Repetition simply reinforces student learning to make common pathways perform automatically. Additionally, the Orton-Gillingham Method follows a well-structured curriculum that increases in complexity in gradual steps and at appropriate times. Special education teachers know the value of Orton-Gillingham techniques, but training new staff in this method can be costly and time-consuming. This is one of the main reasons the LTK is so invaluable.


See LTK for Groups if you are a tutor, teacher, or parent with multiple students. This version comes with access to the Tutor Portal that provides additional powerful e-Learning options.  

The printable and virtual Card Deck are included to help improve the overall learning process by utilizing the multisensory presentation of information to the student. You can also purchase our Card Deck. Order Card Deck. Works on all computers, tablets, laptops, phones, and Chromebooks (iOS, OSX, Windows, Android, Chrome). Note that this purchase is non-refundable and is NOT eligible for purchase orders.


Additional information
Number of Students

1 (One), 2 (Two), 3 (Three), 4 (Four), 5 (Five)

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