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LTK For Schools
Single Station Version

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Orton-Gillingham Based Reading Intervention Program

LTK For Schools Single Station Version contains 87 lessons and supports an unlimited
of students.

LTK For Schools will take your students to a grade 8.5 reading level.

Includes a comprehensive student management system.

Free lifetime technical support and NO maintenance fees!

The curriculum is solidly based on the Orton-Gillingham method. It uses prerecorded human
voice to instruct the student (using English or Spanish).

Lessons contain multiple activities that utilize visual, audio and tactile-kinisthetic pathways.
The tactile-kinesthetic learner remembers best the things he/she experiences.

LTK For Schools gives you a complete curriculum in one program and saves you money!

Order our Lab Pack bundle and save even more!

You will receive one LTK For Schools CD-ROM, one LTK For Schools Teacher’s Reference
Guide and one LTK Card Deck.

Click here for a comparison of LTK For Schools versus the LTK Family versions.

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