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    Learn English speaking, pronunciation, listening, vocabulary, reading, and more with the Language-Tune-Up Kit (LTK). And that’s not all, learn all this with an American Accent!

    The following skills are all part of the LTK curriculum (and can all be learned with regular practice using the LTK: 

    English speaking, listening, and pronunciations, vocabulary and comprehension.

    1. Instructions are provided in English with subtitles in Spanish, Russian, French, German and Chinese languages. Therefore, ESL students can learn English by listening to the audio in LTK.
    2. LTK card deck
    3. Game Oral words
    4. Oral sentences
    5. Sound review I
    6. Sound review II
    7. Sight words


    • English vocabulary – A great vocabulary in the English language could be built with the following LTK exercises:
    1. Activities based on word sounds and letters
    2. R-controlled words
    3. Digraph words
    4. Crossword puzzle
    5. Game Double or Not
    6. Game Mixed up words
    7. Game word search
    8. Game word fill
    • English Reading – Reading is an integral part of our daily lives in today’s technology driven era. Initially, children learn to read and later, as they grow up, they read to learn concepts in subjects that encompasses Science, Math, Social Studies, and Technology. Proficiency in reading could be accomplished with the following LTK activities:
    1. Activities pertaining to digraphs, syllables, and blends in words.
    2. Doubling rule
    3. Isolated sounds in words
    4. Nonsense words
    5. Dictate sentences
    6. Game Blends
    7. Oral sentences
    8. Oral stories