From a 77-year-old man

//From a 77-year-old man

From a 77-year-old man

From a 77-year-old man

“I love this program! I am originally from Italy and I have never learned to read–until I purchased your program. I have completed all 87 lessons and now I am going to get my high school diploma! My wife would ask me why I spend all this time on the computer. I told her it’s because I want to learn to read. And now I have! The woman’s voice on the software is great and I really enjoy working with her on the LTK program. Bless her and bless you JWor for making such a wonderful program. It’s so wonderful and I can’t tell you enough about how much I appreciate the experience I’ve had with it!! I want my grandson to use it because he is also having problems and I know he will benefit just as I have.”




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