From the Director of a Learning Center

//From the Director of a Learning Center

From the Director of a Learning Center

From the Director of a Learning Center

“A 44-year-old female with hearing difficulties and resultant speech impediments demonstrated definite improvements in pronunciation in addition to marked improvements in reading capability after using LTK for approximately six weeks (50 hours). Additionally, she also demonstrated a very noticeable improvement in self-esteem issues.
“A 16-year-old male dropout entered at a 5th grade reading level and worked diligently trying to raise his reading level to 8th grade so he could enter Alternative School. He accomplished this (TABE 8.0 Vocabulary and Comprehension) after 80 hours on LTK without teacher intervention.
“A 49-year-old male who entered the program at a measured 2.9 grade level in vocabulary improved to grade 7.1 in Vocabulary and grade 10.9 in Comprehension after 100 hours of LTK tutoring.
“We use the Language Tune-Up Kit most frequently for those students who don’t appear to have retained the phonics skills learned in the early grade levels that are so important to decoding. Usually LTK will renew those skills and/or teach those skills to a degree that the progress the student experiences is quick enough to override the low self-esteem and confidence issues. This is exceptionally important in the retention of the low-level reader. It requires that the student receive immediate positive feedback from the curriculum.
“Without exception, EVERY student assigned to use LTK has indicated positive response following their first study period with it.”




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