From a Mother in New York City

//From a Mother in New York City

From a Mother in New York City

From a Mother in New York City

Thank you so much Orton-Gillingham method and especially thank you Language Tune-Up Kit! Our son has an Autism Spectrum Disorder (PDD-NOS) and was reading at grade level at the end of Kindergarten. In March of the 1st grade, he was reading at the same level. We did everything we could think of to do at home with no improvement. The school had changed him to the Edmark sight words program thinking that memorizing the words would be more effective for him than sounding them out.Thank goodness I went to a conference put on by Pete Wright, the founder of Wrightslaw. Pete has dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia and told us how hard it was for him to learn when he was growing up. His parents paid for daily tutoring by an Orton-Gillingham method specialist. He now argues legal cases in front of the Supreme Court.After listening to his story, I googled Orton-Gillingham method and tried to read everything I could about it. Since I’m not a young child educator, I searched for Orton-Gillingham AND computer program and found the Language Tune-Up Kit. I looked at it for several days. We have purchased so many programs, books and guides to try to help us teach him at home. After careful consideration, we purchased the At-Home Kit that takes you through the 8th grade. It takes us 3 or 4 days of 30-60 minute sessions to get through a level. Although it has taken us 25 hours, we just now completed level 13 and can move on to blends. Our son has moved up 2 reading levels in 2 months. It is slow, but very systematic with lots of repetition. The repetition doesn’t end at the end of a section, it continues and builds in each successive section.I am glad we found this program while we are still in the 1st grade. The hare might be the faster reader, but slow and steady wins the race!Thank you so much. I can’t express our heartfelt gratitude for this great product! This is a must have for any special needs family that needs help with reading and was worth every penny!




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