From the parent of a 3rd grade girl

//From the parent of a 3rd grade girl

From the parent of a 3rd grade girl

From the parent of a 3rd grade girl

“We purchased your software for our daughter who is currently in grade 3. Our daughter entered grade 3 reading at a grade 1.3 level. She had a thorough assessment that revealed a severe disability with respect to sound/symbol relationships and with respect to sound blends. Outside of this she is a very bright little girl.

“I write to thank you for the software. For our daughter your software is perfectly targeted to assist her. I confess that our daughter does not show much enthusiasm for using the software. This stems in large part from the fact that confronting ones limitations head-on is seldom fun.

“Our daughter is currently in lesson 32. In the past three months she has made the enormous leap from arduous reading with little to no comprehension (when decoding is so taxing there is little room for comprehension) to being able to pick up a book and read for pleasure. Our daughter has always loved books and we read to her regularly. She is not currently reading advanced books, however, she is able to currently read books that are appealing to children of her age. In recent testing her reading level has already risen to the mid-grade 3 level. Close inspection of her results show that she has greatly improved her “word attack” skills.

“Reading is still a chore for her, however, it is now a viable part of her life. We are grateful to you for your efforts to assist the reading disabled and we look forward to the continued benefits that she will receive from completion of the remaining lessons. We have recommended your software to another family with a reading disabled daughter. They have bought the software and are also very pleased. We have also forwarded your written material to a psychologist that will refer her clients to your web site.”


A 1st grader was having a difficult time in school and was held back with learning compared to her classmates. Such experiences can profoundly impact a child's self-esteem and motivation to future learning.


Her parents discovered the LTK Program and put her on the Language Tune Up Kit, Home Version for Mac computer for 3-4 times per week, approximately for 6 weeks.


As a result, after this time period, the child was able to improve her spelling dramatically and is now on-par with her classmates. Additionally, working with LTK program improved her reading level and her keyboard typing skills.

Additional Information

Being on par with peers, improving skills, and acquiring new skills can contribute to so much more for a child. Their self-confidence begins to improve, their social relationships with other students grow and develop, they are happier, better adjusted, and motivated to learn further. Reading and spelling is not only about letters and their usage, it is about opening the doorways to a brighter future for our children.


The Home Version of LTK works for up to 2 students simultaneously. We also have tutor-supported options for in home use or for use by tutoring/learning centers. Our program has been shown to be beneficial to young learners as well as older learners. The combination of auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning methods is what makes our program applicable to various learning types. A student can see, hear, and also be engaged in the learning process. With this learning approach we are able to reach out to various reading centers in the brain and improve the reading and learning pathways.