Thanks :) Anne in VA

//Thanks :) Anne in VA

Thanks :) Anne in VA

Thanks :) Anne in VA

“I had called in about my daughter’s problems with the LTK program. She had started out on lesson 31 and was doing terribly. It turns out that my daughter, who has a complex language disorder (mixed expressive-receptive language delay), had actually MEMORIZED many words and had tested higher than she could actually decode. I moved her back to lesson 21 and now she is on lesson 38 and reading and decoding BEAUTIFULLY. She can read solid second grade books with ease. Once she gets used to reading chapter books, we will be bumping her up to third grade chapter books. She is in third grade and has gone from about a 1.2 decoding ability to almost third grade level in about a month. This program has been phenomenal in teaching her how to sound out words and blend sounds. She is reading words she doesn’t even know, which is remarkable. I will keep you posted on her progress, but I wanted to thank you for your amazing program. It is taking her about an hour, on average, to work through each lesson. But the time spent is well spent in my opinion, because she will no longer be behind other kids her age in reading because of her language delay.”




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