Thanks, from New Jersey

//Thanks, from New Jersey

Thanks, from New Jersey

Thanks, from New Jersey

“We ordered the LTK At Home for our seven-year-old son who is having difficulty in reading. We have had a tutor for him for over one year. After ordering your program, we cancelled the tutor and just worked on the LTK. He is responding very well to the lessons. In just seven lessons, he has shown more interest in reading and sounding out multi-syllable words that he would normally have just ignored. “We know we still have a ways to go. He has yet to pick up a book and read it from start to finish. But, we know he is well on his way to enjoying reading and it has only been 2 weeks. “I learned about the Orton Gillingham Approach from a friend who teaches in Jersey City. She said they use the approach because it works well with reading disabled students. I then went on line and found your web page. We figured we would give it a try. We have ordered other programs, but our son was not interested in working on them. I have to say, yours is the first program we have bought that is working. I am a certified Teacher of Reading with a Masters in Education. I would sincerely advocate your program for anyone needing to see improvement in their child’s reading ability. I wish it hadn’t taken us a year to find it. “I hope others find out about your program”.




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