The Reno Family

//The Reno Family

The Reno Family

The Reno Family

“My 7-year-old son Gage has struggled with the alphabet and words since pre-kindergarten. I always thought he had a problem early on and asked all his teachers if they thought he could be dyslexic, I was assured year after year that his letter reversal was normal. By the middle of 1st grade I knew I needed to get him tested. We got him a tutor, he got extra reading help 5 days a week at school and we used Hooked on Phonics at home. He improved but only slightly and still had trouble with the alphabet and leaving out letters when spelling. He was in the lowest reading group in his class and ultimately held back in 1st grade because he did not pass the reading portion of his test. This past summer after we got a definite diagnosis of dyslexia we got the Language Tune-Up Kit At Home program. He is only on lesson 10 and has been in 1st grade again for just over a month. This program does wonders because he is in the highest reading group already and his teacher is giving him harder books to read and harder spelling tests. She said he needed to be more challenged because he was breezing through his spelling and reading. This was not because of being held back again but solely because of this program. Thank you so much, my son’s self esteem is now soaring and he loves to read for us and others!”




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